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TutorialStarts Tutorial
Repeat"I don't think I'm qualified to answer that.", "I'll have to learn more about it"Repeats Assistant's Last CommandDoesn't Work - See Notes
Good ByeCloses SpeakToIt Assistant
Bye, ByeCloses SpeakToIt Assistant
QuitCloses SpeakToIt Assistant


What's The News?Displays screen of news items
Radio NewsProvides nonstop news
Radio stock newsProvides nonstop stock information
Get [Fox, CBS...] newsProvides news from a specific news source
Find [technology, science...] newsProvides news on a particular topic

Weather & Traffic

What's the weather like?"Now in [current location] it is partly cloudy..."Pops up weather screen and reads the weather for current location
Tell me the weather"Now in [current location] it is partly cloudy..."Pops up weather screen and reads the weather for current location
What's the weather like in [city name]"Now in Los Angeles it is..."Pops up weather screen and reads the weatherDoesn't work for all cities (Ex. Santa Fe, NM)
Current traffic [in my location]"Here are the current traffic patterns for your location"Opens Google and shows map with traffic info

Status Updates

Tell my friends [in Facebook]Updates Facebook statusDoesn’t work, but opens Facebook
Tweet...To post a TweetUntested

Conversions & Assistance

Convert currenciesOpens Google search engine
Convert unitsOpens Google search engine
What is [number] [plus/minus/times/divided by] [number]"56 / 8 = 7"Solves math problem
What is cubed root of 27"I'm learning to answer it" - Opens Google and solves itSolves math problem
What is 8 squared"Let's check Google" - Opens Google and solves itSolves math problem
Spell [a word]"Definitely" is spelled "d", "e"...Sounds out the spelling of words
Translate [English word] into [language]Gives the translated word in specified language


Turn on/off Bluetooth"Bluetooth is on"Turns on/off Bluetooth
Turn on/off Airplane(No Response)Turns on/off Airplane modeOnce in airplane mode, assistant cannot turn airplane mode off (no active internet connection)
Turn on/off vibration [mode]"I couldn't find vibration mode on your phone"Turns on/off vibration modeDoesn't work
Turn on/off Silent Mode"I'm not sure what happened. I couldn't turn silent mode on/off"Turns on/off silent modeDoesn't work
Turn on/off mobile network"I'm a bit confused"Turns on/off the mobile networkDoesn't work
Send e-mail to [contact name] with subject [subject] message [message]"Here is the email you composed..."Tries to send an email messageHave to select your email client and hit "Send" manually
Send text to [receipient], say [message]"This is the text we're going to send"Sends a text messageThings get complicated if recipient has multiple phone numbers.
Call [recipient]Calls anyone or any company in your phone directory
Call [business]Searches for local locations of that businessCould only call businesses or any person in my phone list
Dial [phone number]Dials phone numberDialed spoken phone number but read number as a math number
Read my messagesTurns on feature to read incoming texts verbally
Stop reading my messagesStops assistant from reading incoming messagesUntested


Set an alarm for [time]Sets alarm in the Alarm Clock Plus app
Add [event] at [time AM/PM]Adds event to Google Calendar
What's on my agenda?"There are no upcoming events for today..."Pops open box with event for today and tomorrow

Tasks & Notes

Add a taskAdds a task
Show my tasksReads and lists your tasks
Show my notesReads and lists your notes
Delete taskAsks which task to deleteDeletes task
Delete noteAsks which note to deleteDeletes note
Take a note in EvernoteTakes noteUntested


Where is [city or whatever] on map?
Search for [term]Will search using Google Search
Find [term]Will search using Google Search
Show me nearby restaurantsWill open Google Places
Show me [picture of something]Works using Google Image Search Engine
Tell me moreSaid after finding a result; will open Wikipedia page on that topic; Doesn’t work
Who is in the cast of [movie or TV show]?Works using Google Search Engine
Search Amazon for [Frank Sinatra albums]Here are the Amazon results for Frank Sinatra AlbumsPerforms a search on Amazon
Search videos for [term]Search within YouTubeWorked but used Google Search Engine to search for item
Search YouTube for [term]Gave me the choice of YouTube and another sources
Search IMDBWorked but might be better to have free IBDb app
Open [website]Speaktoit will ask for name of website
Who is [person]Will search Wikipedia
Search movie showtimesHave a look hereOpens local movie showtimes in Google

Managing Apps

Open [app name]Works for some apps but not for others such as GasBuddy and Photos
Open galleryOpens photo gallery
Play [song name]Opens music player and starts playing song
Play [artist]Opens music player and starts playing one song.


Navigate to [place or address]I'm opening navigation...Opens Google Maps and then transitions to navigation
Find me [pizza, Chinese restaurants...]Here are the best nearby matches for pizza...Displays list of restaurants

Daily Briefing

Daily briefingStarts daily briefing
What does my day look like?Starts daily briefing
Change briefing settings"Here's what in your briefing at the moment..."Shows current briefing settingsClick on an item to add/remove it
Add tasks to daily briefing"Okay task list is now part of your bBriefing..."Adds item to your Briefing
My scheduled briefings"You have 4 scheduled briefings at the moment"Shows a list of your upcoming briefingsMake sure the "d" in "scheduled" is emphasized, otherwise it will try and create a new briefing.


Tell me a joke"Here goes..."Tells a joke
Sing me a song"Why, are you ill?""Sings" a songDoesn't technically sing, but reads the words to a song
I'm Bored"Try spending the whole day without speaking", "Have a pillow fight", etc.Offers (Wacky) Suggestions Of Things To Do


Assign nickname to [contact]"What nickname would you like to give to [contact]?"Assigns a name to a contactYou can assign multiple names for each contact
My name is [name]"From now on, I'll call you [name]"Change owner's nameYou can make your name something like "You old fart" and Assistant will call you that.
Your name is [name]"Hmmm, [name], I like the sound of that!"Change assistant's name
Navigate home"I don't have your home address on file, if you want to give it to me, I will save it."Sets home addressType in your address rather than speak it unless you have a really easy address.
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